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来得及吗? Is it too late?

225. 来得及吗? Is it too late? (指是否还有足够得时间)
Can we make it? (指我们可否及时完成或我们可否及时赶到)

226.不买可惜。 Hard to pass up.
E.g. A: Clothes on sale are hard to pass up.
注:Pass up放弃、拒绝,也就是 turn down的意思。

227.快去快回! Hurry back!

228.你说了算。 Up to you.
You’re the Boss. Anything you say.

229.放松一下! Relax!

230.习惯就好! It’s fine once you get used to it. / You’ll be fine.

231. 自作自受! Serves you right! / You get what you deserve.

232. 我急着要。 I need it badly.

233. 说话算话! You can’t take it back!

234. 笨蛋一个! Idiot!

235. 真没礼貌! How rude!

236. 你还嘴硬! Don’t be so stubborn!
e.g. A: I can do it! Let me try again!
B: You’re injured! Don’t be so stubborn.

237. 借看一下。 Let me take a look-see. (俚语用法)
Give me a look. (比较正式一点)

238. 可想而知。 Goes without saying.

239. 气死我了! Makes me so mad!
Piss me off! (比较粗俗)

240. 说来听听。 Let’s hear it.

241. 天要亡我! I’ve got no place to go.
I’ve come to a dead end.
注:以上两句都隐含绝望的语气,其中“no place to go”还带有请求别人帮
忙的意思,而“I’ve come to a dead end.”则特别用来形容经过一番努力却仍然失

242.顺其自然。 Go with the flow.

242. 经济实惠。 Get your money’s worth.

243. 说来话长。 It’s a long story. (意味着情况过于复杂,难以细说分明)

244. 无怨无悔。 ( I have ) No regrets.

245. 买一送一。 Buy one get one free.


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